My name is Jacob, and I’m currently finishing my senior year of high school here in Vermont. I live on a small farm and love spending time in the outdoors.
I plan on studying architecture in college and have always loved unique and unusual buildings. Living in Vermont, I also have a fondness for rural settings and small homes.
I discovered tiny homes in 2015 and the idea has captivated me since.

In the late summer of 2016, I decided I was really going to build myself a tiny house. I had done more than enough research into the topic, so I just dove in headfirst. I purchased a trailer and procured my dimensional lumber in the fall, and have spent the winter finalizing my plans. Once the snow melts, I hope to have weekly updates here on my blog as I work on the build!

There have to be hundreds of people blogging about tiny houses out there; I don’t pretend to be more knowledgeable or skilled than half of them. But I hope that my goal of a tiny house on wheels for under $5,000 will be unique and helpful to someone else out there!

As a high school student with a part time job, I can’t afford a $70,000 Tumbleweed. But I also don’t plan on skimping on any part of my build. There’s no point in doing something if you don’t plan on doing it right.
Using salvaged, repurposed, and recycled materials in your tiny house build can cut down on costs, adds an artistic element, and fits in perfectly with the environmentally friendly lifestyle that so many tiny-housers strive for.

If you want to follow along with my progress, you can follow my blog here for updates weekly, or more often, if I can get around to it!
I plan on writing not only about planning, designing, and building a tiny house, but also about keeping a budget, downsizing your life, and living tiny.

I am working on developing a companion Youtube channel to this blog. On there, I will be making videos to go along with the topics and ideas I discuss here on my blog, along with some of the finer details of construction.

I am also on Twitter @vermont_tiny, and Instagram @vermont_tiny.
You can also send me an email at